One of the major perks of switching from an in- office to a telecommunication job is that you can cut your dry cleaning bill in half—there really isn't a need to wear silky blouses and linen pencil skirts if you don't interact with people on a daily basis. But that doesn't necessarily mean you should go to the extreme and trade out your traditional office attire for pajamas. It's tempting to just wake up and get to work still in your jammies, but you should refrain. To learn why, continue reading below.




Lowers Productivity

It may seem easier to just roll out of bed and immediately turn on your computer—after all no one will see you—but giving yourself a morning routine (very similar to the one you'd have if working in an office) can help get you get into the right mind-set which can directly help you be more productive and tackle your work day. This is because "routines" help train your brain. Therefore, every time you get up, take a shower, brush your teeth, and put on some decent clothes your brain will know that it means the day is starting and it's time to put in work.

Less Chances of an Impromptu Nap Time

Most employers are hesitant about allowing their employees to work remotely because they think employees are more likely to play around at home and not get any work done. Don't prove them right by not completing all of your assignments in a timely manner because you fell asleep. If you notice your pajamas are too comfortable and make you instantly ready for a mid-day nap, put on some real clothes.

Less Active

Typically remote employees who stay in their pajamas all day never leave the house because they are too embarrassed of what bystanders might say/think. But staying locked in the house all day like a vampire isn't good for your health, physically or mentally. You need to be able to take a walk outside and get some fresh air, go to the gym, or eat a good healthy lunch away from your computer—your sanity depends on it. So if wearing your pajamas is holding you back from exploring the outside world, you should definitely put on a change of clothes on in the morning.

Leaves Room for Surprise Guests

There's nothing more embarrassing and unprofessional than getting caught with your pajamas on in the middle of the afternoon when a client or investor decides to unexpectedly stop by your home or wants to video chat for a surprise pop-in visit. Even opening the door for the mail man or FedEx guy in your jammies can be embarrassing, so clean up and get presentable early on—don't start working and say you'll do it later. You'll probably get too immersed in work and forget about it (this is how you get unexpected surprises).

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