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              I love actually speaking to my online friends and making that connection!  It is difficult to convey everything you want to say in a status update or 140 characters or less.  So when … Continue reading

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Have you ever gone to a party and had someone sabotage your time by trapping you in a corner, rambling on and on about themselves the entire time? You just wanted to get away as fast as you could, right? … Continue reading

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              One of the many things I do is consult companies and small business owners on their social media presence. Some of them already have a Facebook page created but that is it. They … Continue reading

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                        The holidays are fast approaching but does that mean your business goes on hold? With the increased activities, including parties, shopping and vacations, it is easy for your … Continue reading

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I recently moved from one side of town to the other, a grand total of six miles. Moving meant in addition to my household and our homeschool, I had to pack up my home office and transfer services. Careful planning … Continue reading

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